Risk Governance and Assurance

Risk Management and Assurance

Being able to demonstrate a sound process for identifying, analysing, monitoring and improving the management of the most important risks to a business can be challenging.

STE’s approach to risk management combines operational experience and executive obligations with legal oversight.

Board Assurance

We have developed a unique process for identifying and analysing the most important risks and their critical controls.

Our risk management solutions provide fully integrated control of the most important risks in the business, with “full line of sight” from operational through to executive management, demonstrating control effectiveness and due diligence.

We have a proven record of working with Boards and executive management teams to develop assurance programs. These programs help Company Officers understand the key risks in their business and demonstrate appropriate levels of due diligence.

These programs include:

  • Identification of key risks;
  • Board briefings and training;
  • Developing personal assurance plans and activities;
  • Coaching;