Mining Operations and Maintenance Management

M4 Operational Services

Operational Optimisation and Mine Management

STE has a team of Metallurgists, Geologists and Mining Engineers with proven experience in optimising mine plans, mining practices, and processing plants to achieve one of two objectives:

  • Decrease unit operating cost; and
  • Increase operating margin.

Both of these objectives will be achieved with the client’s unique capital investment requirements taken into consideration.

Our professional team pride ourselves on our focus of operating discipline as a method to gain control over an operation, which then facilitates identifying the deviants that result in cost overruns or a distraction from managing important aspects of an operation.

Maintenance Management

One of the most effective ways to gain control over spiralling operating costs is to understand the maintenance strategy for your plant and equipment.

STE has proven track of reducing operating costs by analysing a client’s maintenance practices to identify:

  • Rationalised Labour requirements or specific skill requirements
  • Poor quality work resulting in high reliability count or lower mean time between failure than expected or planned
  • Critical spare stocking and warehousing issues
  • Equipment and parts supply chain issues
  • Poor maintenance contractor management
  • Shutdown planning and management improvements

STE’s team of operationally experienced consultants have each achieved demonstrable improvements in maintenance management within their own careers.