About Us

STE is dedicated to helping our clients manage operational safety risks arising from workplace health and safety. We work with businesses to provide the assurance that they need to understand, and to be able to demonstrate, that the health and safety risks associated with their business have been identified and that controls have been implemented to effectively manage those risks.

We provide a range of services around audits, investigations, systems development, incident response, general advice, training, coaching and mentoring.

STE provides continual oversight and control of the work undertaken for our clients to allow them  to focus on day to day safety operation while STE project manages safety improvements. In doing this we ensure that legal requirements are identified, industry best practice is adhered to and solutions are in the best interest of the client.

Strategic Alliances

STE has developed and calls upon a range of non-financial alliances with other goods and service providers to assist our clients. These relationships have been formed from many years’ experience in mining, oil & gas, and chemical industries and are built on the principles of quality of service and integrity of delivery.

STE’s strategic alliances allow our clients access to a ‘one stop shop’ for safety solutions with the confidence of knowing that safety solutions are supported by quality subject matter experts but assured through STE’s oversight.

Our strategic alliances allow us access to a large range of experts in fields including organisational psychology, coaching, technical writing, specialised recruitment, specialised labour hire, rescue and emergency response, crisis management, and many more.