STE provides a wide range of consulting services, yet each is provided by specialist consultants with many years of experience in their field of expertise.

HSE Consulting

STE has an unparalleled level of experience and demonstrated success in helping our clients manage health and safety matters.

Our approach to HSE management enables our clients rationalise what is really important and create a solution based on demonstrable action rather than paperwork. This is both operationally effective and helps to manage legal obligations placed on organisations, executives and Company Officers.

STE’s consultants are all operationally experienced and have held senior management roles in HSE or operational management.

STE provides a unique Project HSE Service or a fully Outsourced HSE Management Service.

Enviromental Management

STE’s team has demonstrated experience in negotiating better environmental conditions for our clients and improving compliance to current licenses and approvals.

We have experienced environmental professionals that can work with traditional land owners and pastoralists to ensure continued and prosperous relationships to avoid business interruptions.


STE provides high quality training in the following areas:

  • Managers’, supervisors’ and workers’ legal obligations for health and safety
  • Risk Management
  • Incident Investigation
  • Employee and industrial Relations

Our courses are tailored to the client’s needs and provide an interactive and challenging environment to not only impart useful knowledge to your workforce, but to challenge industry norms on HSE.

Contractor Management

Contractor management continues to be a significant workplace health and safety management challenge, and recent high profile public disasters have highlighted the health, safety reputational and legal risks that can arise from poorly or ineffectively managed contractor safety.

Understanding how contracting strategies, commercial arrangements, health and safety risks and on site health and safety management all interact is critical to understanding whether or not health and safety risks in contracting arrangements are being properly managed.

STE can assist clients with all aspects of contractor safety management, including the development of contractor safety management systems, training on contractor safety management, providing advice on contract clauses, supervising and auditing contractor safety performance and reviewing the overall effectiveness of an organisation’s contractor safety management.